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The Anthony Bobrow Trust contributes $100,000 to create shelter and services for homeless young adults!

With a $100,000 contribution, the Anthony Bobrow Trust is the anchor donor to the Dallas Hope Center, a shelter for homeless young adults operated by Dallas Hope Charities.

Announcing the donation, Harvey Meissner, President and General Manager of The Hidden Door, Inc., said "Anthony Bobrow, for 35 years a leader of the GLBTQ community in Dallas, left his entire Estate in Trust to provide resources for projects like this. Through the decades The Hidden Door, under Tony's leadership, supported efforts vital to us. He left instruction we're to continue that.

"Most of the annual net revenues of The Hidden Door are being returned to non-profits serving GLBTQ in Dallas. In our first eight months, the Anthony Bobrow Trust has contributed almost $400,000. We thank the customers of The Hidden Door for making that possible, and we look forward to continuing doing that in 2019."

"We've all heard the horror stories of young adults being kicked out of their homes and onto the streets. The estimates are that about 40% of youth homeless self-identify as GLBTQ. And, many of them tell the same story: they've been kicked out by parents who think their sexual orientation or gender identity is a sin. The Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance counted in one week 179 young adults experiencing homelessness.

"Dallas Hope Center has already opened transitional housing for GLBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. They are providing shelter, making available medical and psychological care, with guidance for a future that includes employment and education. There's an emergency need to expand that to at least ten beds.

"We join the Center in asking all our community to come together and aggressively deal with the crisis."

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