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    Lasting Mission
    Tony Bobrow was an integral part of the Dallas GLBTQ community for four decades.

    With its support his work at the Hidden Door allowed him to generously give-back to it.

    Tony Bobrow left his Estate to the Anthony Bobrow Trust, with very specific instructions as to where he thought it best-used to continue that generosity and make a difference in lives. He also told us to keep The Hidden Door alive for future generations, as another major part of his legacy.

    Jim Roberts started The Hidden Door in the early 80's, Tony continued it for another 35 years. The Bar will continue its current operations, it's not for sale, the land it's on is not for sale.

    The Hidden Door
    The Hidden Door won't become non-profit, we’ll still charge for serving the best drinks in Dallas. But, as Jim and Tony taught us, much of its future profits will be returned to the GLBTQ community each year.

    We are not taking requests for funding at this time. Tony left specific instructions about contributions, and our first priority is to those.

    Tony was modest about the success of The Hidden Door and himself; we won't ever discuss the amount of the Trust.

    Harvey Meissner
    President and General Manager
    The Hidden Door, Inc.
    Dallas, Texas


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